Primo Interiors wants your design experience to be personal and attentive, offering services to ensure the final product is exactly what you envisioned.

A Primo team member on-site at Soho House Chicago, on-site blind-hemming a pair of drapes that stretched for the perfect length.

Services provided include, but are not limited to the following:

-MEASURE  A Primo Interiors specialist or certified installer will come to your home or business to measure all of the exact specifications of your project, in order to guarantee a perfect fit.

-INSTALLATION  After the project has been completed in-studio, a subcontracted team from Primo will assist in fully installing it in your home or business.  This job can be big or small - from a single shade, to window treatments to outfit an entire house.  Primo will guarantee that the installation is immaculate, and will steam or press any drape or shade after the initial installation, so any creases or other aesthetic imperfections that may have been caused during the installation process will be removed and your interiors are ready for immediate use.

-REPAIRS  If by some unfortunate incident there is a defect in any project post-installation, an immediate repair will be arranged.  If the fix is small, someone from the Primo work force will be sent to remedy the situation on-site.  If the job is larger, the project can be sent back to the studio in order to be repaired.  The image to the right demonstrates our dedication to customer satisfaction, as it depicts an on-site blind-hemming to shorten a pair of drapes after installation.  A perfect fit is as important to us as it is to whomever client we are working for at the time.